About MARA Engineering & Services

MARA Engineering and Services is a Professional Engineering Services firm providing Civil and Structural Engineering. Our services include design of new structures including building and equipment foundations, underpinning and benching where required to increase the basement height or for undermined foundations, temporary and repairs to corroded or damaged structures, review and stamping of shop drawings, project estimates and scheduling for residential, commercial, schools and institutions, and heavy industrial from initial concept, design and project feasibility studies up to detailed design, general review of construction and commissioning.



Our vision is to be competitive and efficient in providing highly technical, and structural engineering services to our clients. We continuously strive to achieve this vision by utilizing our experience, extensive knowledge in every facet of civil and structural engineering perspectives. We utilize the latest technology and computer analysis programs to ensure our clients that we provide quality, efficient, and cost-effective engineering services to the satisfaction of our clients while maintaining a high degree of structural integrity and safety.



MARA Engineering and Services experience has been performing civil and structural designs, site reviews and prepare condition assessment reports, new design and repair/reinforcement of existing deteriorated structures, and maintenance engineering services on miscellaneous structural elements of the structures. We provide quick response, accurate and detailed engineering to get the plant and the equipment back to operation.